How Can I Lose Weight Fast

By | February 17, 2018

Myriad ways natural diet offered by health experts as well as slimming drug seller. Especially sellers of drugs or slimming potion. They try to advertise products with frills herbs so that the selling and giving tips on how fast natural diet even in 1 week or even a promising way to deal with the bodies naturally without dieting. But whether products they offer safe? Of course sometimes you as a consumer of a product having prejudices if purchased products that are truly natural diet solution is right or even later.

Diet is not always strictly or even have to use the drug. In many ways the natural and healthy diet without a drug that’s easy to do it yourself. But why should diet?

In an age of increasingly complex, increasingly high level of danger of the disease. Diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease is no longer only targeting elderly people. Young adults even teenagers can be exposed to the disease.

Overweight or obese with we call, has an awful lot of potential invites disease comes to the body. Actually, everyone indeed is required to have a certain amount of fat to store energy and more, but if the amount is excessive, then the fat is buried can be detrimental to the body’s metabolism.

Therefore, for those of you who are obese are already supposed to be trying to figure out how to deal with the body naturally by way of natural and healthy diet. But before you know how natural and healthy diet, it would be nice if you first read what health problems will be experienced by sufferers of overweight people.

In health, a person can be said to be obese when weight reached 15 percent of body weight ideally. The following classification of obesity.

Mild obesity, overweight reach a 20 percent to 40 percent.
Obesity, overweight reached 41 percent to 100 percent
Severe obesity, overweight reaches 100 percent
Myriad Health problems that arise because of obesity. Following various illnesses caused by obesity.

Brain Disorders
As reported by from My Health News Daily, obesity can affect the brain such as the following:

Change the job of the immune system, an inflammatory risk is increased. Then this will affect the brain inflammation and destroy some of its parts so that the mood is easily changed to hard to stop eating habits.
Dementia, inflammatory-related consequences of obesity, it can make the body and mind become weak stress. Brain size may also shrink due to the presence of fat in the abdomen so that the risk of dementia can be increased.
Damage memory, according to a study of the Journal of the American Society, hormones produced by fat could cause inflammation so that it affects the cognitive part which consequently makes a person lose his memory.
Heart Disease
Dangers of obesity can trigger the onset of a heart attack because excess fat can be covered on the heart so that blood vessels become clogged. If this is the case, then a heart attack can occur including coronary artery disease. The symptoms caused by heart disease include:

  • Experiencing pain in the chest like pressed
  • Pain radiating to the neck like a choke and to the left arm
  • Pain in the solar plexus
  • Weakened pulse
  • Diaphoretic in quick time and the number of the lot.

Obesity has close links with the disease of hypertension or high blood pressure. This can happen due to often eat eating causes high blood cholesterol, and excess fat that can eventually trigger a narrowing of the blood vessels so that blood pressure.more article please visit