Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Kidneys

By | December 3, 2017

Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Kidneys, It is very important to listen to the warnings and signs that something goes wrong with your kidneys. The kidneys process about cleaning the blood and remove waste and fluids from your body. Regulate your body’s water and other chemicals in your blood like sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Other functions are to produce hormones that help your body regulate blood pressure, produce red blood cells and keep bones strong.

The vast majority of women have suffered back pain at some point in their lives and more often, as you get older. Lumbago or back pain, familiarly known as kidney pain is the pain in the lower back or lumbar area by alterations of the different structures of the spine at that level.

The pain of acute low back pain is very annoying and it is important to know how to act. The first thing is to know that back pain is a painful process but most patients do not have a serious medical problem. The pain usually disappears within a few days without treatment. See your doctor if the pain does not go away or keeps you from performing normal daily activities and especially if a fever, problems controlling urine or feces, or marked weakness in the leg.

Symptoms of kidney problems

– You feel more tired and have less energy.

– Have trouble concentrating.

– Have little appetite.

– You have trouble sleeping.

– You suffer from cramps at night.

– Your feet and ankles swell.

– Your eyes look puffy, especially in the mornings.

– You have the skin dry and itchy.

When the pain extends to the lower limbs, usually beyond the knee, sciatica or lumbosciatic speak.

The causes of back pain

The causes of back pain are multiple, osteoarthritis is the most common, but there are others such as herniated disc, pinched nerve root inflammation and muscle spasm, strains of muscles or ligaments, osteoporosis, pregnancy. In many cases not possible to know the exact cause and talk about LBP.

Its symptoms include a burning sensation when urinating, feeling of needing to urinate often urinate even though the bladder is empty and pain in the pubic area.

His appearance is very common in women because of the short length of the urethra (the tube driving the urine from the bladder to the outside). This facilitates the transfer of bacteria from the skin and genitals into the body.

Women more likely to suffer from low back pain:

– Those that are physically inactive or poor fitness.

– People who perform work involving the lumbar spine overloading (especially vibration and manual lifting.)

– Those that spend long periods sitting or standing.

– Those who suffer from emotional stress.

– Sedentary women.

– Those who smoke.

– The obesity.

What is kidney failure?

Suffer from renal failure when your kidneys slow their ability to perform the above tasks to stay healthy. If kidney disease gets worse, a large quantity of waste can accumulate in your blood.

The two main causes of kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure, which are responsible for up to two thirds of cases.